Wine for thought: Enjoy each sip!  Enjoy each sip!

We focus on what and how we eat, often weighing up the nutrional values vs the decadence of our palets and more times than not, rushing to swallow ( ignoring that we´re supposed to chew at least 16/18 times before swallowing). When it comes to drinking, especially wine, we tend to go even further on this rush to swallow, treating each sip as just a refreshing flow from lips to throat and giving little thought to what that flow is trying to communicate to us through our wonderfully sophisticated palates.

Think about that for a moment, a meal which can take a few hours to prepare, chewed and savoured with each bite and a wine, swallowed in a second after years in production and development.

Here at Mallorca Wine Experience we  bring the focus back to not just enjoying the wine, but understanding how and why you might enjoy that wine. We do this by focusing our energy and passion for wine in general by acknowledging  the hard work, time and tradtion that goes in to making it wonderful .

We invite you to try the following, in your own personal wine journey: Try the grape variety you thought you didnt like, but try it from a different region or country to the last one you tried!! Dont like Chardonnay? Try a Chablis from Burgundy or a Solalba from Mallorca.

Use the decanter you bought or where gifted but never use. Try pouring that Chianti or Cabernet Sauvignon you thought where to bold and tannic in to it and give it a good swirl then try it, still to robust? come back to it in 30 mns and try again and discover the pleasure of an ever evolving glass.

Glassware!!!! There is no need for oddly shaped, colourful or really high stem glasses, and less so when its for actually enjoying wine. Buy a nice set of 6 classic ( cristal if you like) glasses. The classic design allows the wine to give a good show, with space to swirl and enough of an opening, if like me, you want to get your whole nose in to the glass to properly appreciate the bouquet.

The most important thing to remember, specially when considering what to buy/drink, is to ask questions. Any good wine store employee with even basic wine knowledge will still be able to guide you and the more information you gather, the more informed your decision.

As we say in Spain “a tu salud!”