how each sip of each wine interacts with each bite of the food. Make sure that at the start it is made very clear that there is not a right answer

Wine For Thought: Wine & Dine !!!

Bienvenido, a nuestro blog de vino. Soy Daniel Harringon sumiller en Avinae Wine & Spirits . Con el tiempo, gracias a lectores como tú, éste espacio se ha convertido en uno de los blogs de vino más leídos en inglesGracias por estar a ese lado de la pantalla. Te animo a que pases al nuestro colaborando con tus comentarios y preguntando lo que te interese.

Nunca hemos tenido la pretensión de entrar en ránkings de los mejores blogs de vino de España. Ni cosas por el estilo. Desde que empezamos con Avinae Wine & Spirits ,Mallorca Wine Experience y ahora con Vinos de Mallorca siempre hemos querido dotar a nuestra web de contenido de calidad. Nos inspiramos en algunas webs inglesas que nos parecieron interesantes. La idea es que los miembros de nuestro club de vinos tuvieran en este espacio un rincón donde poder encontrar información útil. Vídeos sobre catas de vino, algunos consejos para aprender de vino, curiosidades sobre le mundo del vino, recomendaciones de vinos y de winebars en los que hemos estado (y nos han gustado), ideas para hacer enoturismo,  etc. Hay posts que incluyen vídeos y hay otras entradas con sólo texto.

Wine For Thought: Not just a pretty Vase!!

Can cheap wine be good? Can expensive wine be bad?

That Everyday Super (  wine market ) Feeling!

Wine For Thought: That Everyday Super (  wine market ) Feeling!

wine market wine market 

Aaaaaaaah the supermarket, the department store, the local ! How well they dazzle us with striplights and big colourful “Special offer” banners. The intriguing 2 for 1 or 3 x 2 on those easy to drink Pinot Noirs and Sauvignon Blancs that you already know you love, and even if you dont, you know someone who has told you they only drink New Zealand Sav Blanc so it must be good! And look its 20% off.

So what about the quality of supermarket wines, are they all cheap and bad ? Can you find premium or quality wines on those endless shelves? Do you really need that frozen blueberry cheesecake? No, Yes …….and sure why not! Think about what a Supermarket offers, the bulk mentality and factor in cost vs sale. You end up with this scenario; I buy 100 bottles at $3.50 and sell them at $5.50 and I sell them in one week, thats $200 profit a week or $800 a month, but I also buy 100 bottles of a premium wine at $12 a bottle and sell it at $20, sell 30 a week and make a profit of $240….. but you still have 70 bottles, which is accumulated stock and still leaves you at minus $840 against what you paid for the wine. As a business model that revolves around bulk and fast turn-over it makes sense to have more entry level wines. That being said you can still find great wines on those shelves and not only in the “fine wine” section and all it takes is just a moment to understand what you actually like and what you actually want ( more on this later)

The obvious and sometimes garish marketing behind wines in supermarkets can be very affective at both facilitating but also influencing the wines we buy, so that even if we went in with a wine in mind or the desire to explore something different, we left with that “Special Offer”. But what if you didnt? with mobile phones we have a helpfull yet limited sommelier at our disposal, one who can point out, the finer points of a wine regardless of price and we should not be afraid to simply do a bit of research, as it can quite literally mean the difference between just another bottle and a wine that maybe makes it into our favourites list.

The Fine Wine section!!!: This part of the supermarket can sometimes feel exciting and daunting as its filled with long and fancy sounding names and grape varieties that we maybe havent heard of before, but it can be a wonderful excuse to try something new without having to break the bank. Its very easy to be put off after seeing one or two bottles at the 30 to 50 range when all you wanted was something nice and comforting, but take time to properly go through the wines as the eye has a tendency to be drawn to bigger numbers, we often convince ourselves that all the prices will be similar.

The essence of this blog is just to point out that whilst the majority of bulk…..

Your wine cellar or mine?

The post discusses proper wine storage practices, emphasizing the factors of light, temperature, movement, and humidity. Ultraviolet rays can harm wines, so keep them away from direct sunlight. Stable temperatures below 22ºC are necessary to avoid oxidation. Wines should be stored horizontally without interruption, and humidity control is critical to prevent cork damage. These considerations will enhance the wine’s quality over time.

Oh Brother! Where art thou Berry?

The Independent Wine Merchant is a highly rated wine shop known for its excellent service, wine education, and diverse selection. The staff’s knowledge and passion for wine are key to its success and reputation. They provide guidance based on customers’ preferences, introducing them to new varieties and styles beyond what’s typically available in grocery stores. As such, customers are encouraged to engage with the specialists for a personalized wine shopping experience.

Enjoy each sip !

Mallorca Wine Experience emphasises savouring each sip of wine, understanding its creation process and exploring different varieties. They encourage using the right glassware, trying wines in a decanter and seeking advice to enhance wine enjoyment and knowledge.