Son Vich Valley de Superna


To begin to tell about the wines of Son Vich de Superna is to begin to relate the values that have highlighted this area called Sierra de Tramuntana “World Heritage” by UNESCO, since part of the oenological and viticultural wealth is due to the cultures that conquered these complicated and rugged lands where Islam and Christianity contributed and took advantage of the exchange of knowledge and agricultural techniques to facilitate the cultivation of the Vine in this area.
This is how Son Vich is located in the Superna Valley, a winery that went through several owners and generational times and where one would have to go back to the 11th century to begin to tell part of the history of this winery. It is precisely when King D. Jaume I awarded and ceded lands, in the Superna valley, for the collaboration of the conquest of Mallorca to the Knight Ludovico de Vic and that from that moment he called the farm he owned “Son Vich de Superna ”.
After a long period of time and managed by various owners in the middle of the 19th century, the Moragues-Monlau family reformed the buildings and it is how we find it to this day and it is worth noting the particularity of the material used, being limestone, which was extracted from the same valley.
And it was in 1981 that the Sampol-Massanet family acquired and remodeled a large part of the management model, betting mainly on the vines.
The Son Vich de Superna winery is family-owned and was born in 2006 with the full predisposition to produce wines with character, a unique personality thanks to the natural environment that surrounds them. The wines belong to the PGI of Vins de la Tierra de Mallorca and Vins de la Sierra de Tramuntana – Costa Nord.
Vineyard, Winery and Wines
The location of Son Vich de Superna is privileged since the mountains provide a mountainous context, which indisputably links the vineyards to a difficult territory. They control the vineyards through the use of spontaneous plant covers where it will provide innumerable advantages for the vine. These practices are part of our way of understanding organic viticulture, thus favoring the conservation of their terroirs and maintaining a balance in their ecosystem. . The altitude of the vineyards ranges from 450m to 550m and the complicated orography means that their vineyards are located on terraces with stone walls or ‘marges’, this implies that the work in some plots has to be done manually.
The area is surrounded by a unique microclimate where temperatures can be much cooler than on the plains or plains of Majorca, and differences of up to 10ºC can be reached in summer. The soil is mostly limestone, with clay minerals and sand.
Son Vich is on the way to carry out organic production processes, the winery has stainless steel tanks for traditional winemaking, they carry out cold pre-fermentative maceration practices that will favor the wine by providing color, body and complexity. The aging takes place in French oak barrels of 225 ml, 300 ml and 500 ml. .
Part of the art of Son Vich de Superna is to obtain the maximum expression of the “terroir”, which is why they focus on researching the varieties that best adapt to the conditions offered by the atmosphere of the Sierra de Tramuntana.
The strains they use are white varieties Prensal blanc (native) and Viognier and red varieties such as Manto Negro (native), Gorgollassa (native), Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Mostly Son Vich de Superna produces fresher, less alcoholic wines, with balanced natural acidity, elegant and with personality.Resently a aged Viognier is set up as modern wine.