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Eilis o brien
Eilis o brien
On arrival I was a little apprehensive at the very intimate setting for just myself and friend in this bijou boutique but Danny is gifted in both his knowledge of wine and making people feel welcome and at ease (he certainly has the gift of the gab, it must be his Irish lineage :) It is clear from the offset that he is passionate about his work and that rubs off on you. I personally didn't have much experience in tastings prior but my friend did. It was by far the best for her and for me a standard I'm sure will be hard to top. We were mostly interested in the Mallorcan wines and we feel we were best placed to get great local knowledge of a variety of native wines. Hope to come back when next in Mallorca - Thanks for a great night, Eilis & Elaine - the 2 Irish lassies
Ingeborg sandqvist
Ingeborg sandqvist
Great winetasting with Dani!
Susanna Berg
Susanna Berg
Den roligaste och mest lärorika vinprovning jag någonsin varit på. Danny är kunnig underhållande och sjukt rolig. Rekommenderar varmt’
Hayley Jones
Hayley Jones
A family of 6 of us completed the wine tasting experience with Shota. He was extremely knowledgeable about food and wine pairings and we had a great afternoon. Would 100% return and do it again. We also treated ourselves to some wine from the shop afterwards. Great service and a great experience.
Libby Howard
Libby Howard
Wine tasting with Danny is not to be missed. A genuinely informative yet fun and non-stuffy way to learn more about wine and how different food pairings completely change its taste. Fantastic fun. You’ll come away excited to learn more.
Cahum Bickerstaffe
Cahum Bickerstaffe
Amazing wine tasting. Our host Dani (apologies if that was spelt incorrectly) made us feel so comfortable and we learnt so much. So much more accessible and less pretentious than other wine tastings. Amazing wines too, the rose in particular was great.
Alex Springer
Alex Springer
Danni was incredibly knowledgeable and personable. My wife and I learned so much and had a fantastic experience. Laughed the whole time! Definitely recommend!
Christiane Brüder
Christiane Brüder
Wine tasting was out of this world, great selection of wine and Spiritus.
David Stepanek
David Stepanek
Did a wine tasting with my wife, and only one other couple, so ver intimate cellar setting. Dani was amazing! We've done wine tastings all over the world, and I can honestly say I learned the most at this one. Dani found a way to incorporate his own experiences with wine into an easy to understand (and unpretentious) tasting. The variety of wines we tried were, as others have said, not traditional, and definitely not what you would expect, but in a good way. It was really eye opening to say the least, compared to the usual wine tasting where they just tell you what to expect; Dani gives some guidance on the how, but he asked us what exactly we got out of each. Dani threw the book out the window for his wine tasting experience, and it worked out wonderfully!
Thuraisingam Hagena
Thuraisingam Hagena
Das Wine-Tasting hier esch perfekt. Es esch lustig und lernriich. Dani het handgläse die beste wiisorte serviert und zudem chlini knabbereie, wo super mitem wii ergänzt hend. Zudem erklärt Dani die ganze wisseschaft dahinter inere simpli methode, wo du au dennoch im alltag chasch ahwende. Mer hockt zu 8 im Keller und probiert die leckere sache us. Mer chan dem ganze event au de name Dani's Wine-Tasting-Stand-up-comedy nenne.


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  • How long does Mallorca Wine Experience™ takes place ?

It is about 2 – 2¼h. We recomend participants to be on time.

  • Do you serve something to eat ?

Yes ,light snacks and cheeses are offered ,but we recomend participants to come eaten enough.

        Can I get some vegan/vegetarian apetizers ?

Yes ,for sure ,just let us know.

        Do you provide water at the wine tasting ?

Definitely yes ,glass bottled high quality .

For more specific questions do not hesitate to ask us

Acohol and Age

Todos los asistentes a los eventos con entradas de Avinae Fine Wine & Spirits deben tener al menos 18 años. De acuerdo con la política de verificación de edad de la Companía y para cumplir con la ley de licencias de España , se les puede pedir a los asistentes que presenten identificación con fotografia para comprobar la edad del participante. Si no puede hacerlo, se le puede negar la entrada.

All attendees of Avinae Fine Wine & Spirits ticketed events must be at least 18 years of age. In accordance with the Company’s age verification policy and to comply with Spanish licensing law, attendees may be required to present photo identification to verify the age of the attendee. If you are unable to do so, you may be denied entry.

What we gonna do ?

Mallorca Wine Experiences™

Mallorca Wine Experiences, welcome aperitif opens the door of our home and introduces you to its history. You will discover passion for wines and cheeses in the cozy atmosphere of a typical Mallorcan store called “colmado”. Appreciate this narrative journey through the vineyards of Mallorca, enjoying the aromas, flavors and textures offered by the master craftsmen of our land at every step. Wine, cheese and sobrasada tasting with its own identity achieved over time, with experience and good work. Casual wine tasting, tailor-made for those who enjoy, those who appreciate the terroir, the sun, the sea, the vineyard, the valleys and the mountains.
Take with you a bit of our landscape, our way of being and our land.

Mallorca Wine Experiences
Other highlights at Mallorca Wine Experiences™

*You must be at least 18 years old and drink in moderation to enjoy our experience.
We are up to date with the global health situation. Please use the measures we offer, so each participant in our experience will benefit from his performance.

* We take great care of the environment in our City-we love the Old Town of Palma, so if you come by car we offer you to park in Plaza de la Reina and bring us the parking ticket.

Requirements for participants.

Up to 10 people can participate, who must be over 18 years old. Parents can attend with children under the age of two.

All participants (and the host) may wear face protection.

Commitment to safety and hygiene

 Commitment to safety and hygiene

Avinae Wine & Spirits at its Mallorca Wine Experience™ is committed to following the safety and cleanliness guidelines related to the current situation, which are based on the indications related to the coronavirus from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Diseases in Spain.

Avinae Wine & Spirits is committed to:

Maintain good hygiene

Wash your hands following the instructions in this regard

Avoid physical contact

Observe physical distancing as recommended by relevant local authorities

Limit group size

Limit group sizes to 10 people maximum to maintain necessary physical distancing

Follow cleaning guidelines

If applicable, before each experience, clean and disinfect the spaces that the participants can access

Drink less, drink better.

We appreciate the wine as a piece of art, the quantities served are enough to taste the wine.

Avinae Wine & Spirits Team

Revised: 08/January/2023

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Mallorca Wine Experience

When was the last time you asked for advise for salt or sugar ?

Mallorca Wine Experience

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