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  • How long does Mallorca Wine Experience™ takes place ?

It is about 2 – 2¼h. We recomend participants to be on time.

  • Do you serve something to eat ?

Yes ,light snacks and cheeses are offered ,but we recomend participants to come eaten enough.

        Can I get some vegan/vegetarian apetizers ?

Yes ,for sure ,just let us know.

        Do you provide water at the wine tasting ?

Definitely yes ,glass bottled-high quality .

For more specific questions do not hesitate to ask us

Acohol and Age

Todos los asistentes a los eventos con entradas de Avinae Fine Wine & Spirits deben tener al menos 18 años. De acuerdo con la política de verificación de edad de la Companía y para cumplir con la ley de licencias de España , se les puede pedir a los asistentes que presenten identificación con fotografia para comprobar la edad del participante. Si no puede hacerlo, se le puede negar la entrada.

All attendees of Avinae Wine & Spirits ticketed events must be at least 18 years of age. In accordance with the Company’s age verification policy and to comply with Spanish licensing law, attendees may be required to present photo identification to verify the age of the attendee. If you are unable to do so, you may be denied entry.

What we gonna do ?

Mallorca Wine Experiences™

Mallorca Wine Experiences,

A wine label is the producer’s address and opening one of the bottles is like walking into his house and talking to him.

The enjoyment of wines is more than that every day-it is feeling, pleasure. Shared narrative journey in the world of Mallorcan Wines, designed for everyone who has made a place to be with us. We can all be winejudges and the only thing that matters is the love for wine.
The experience takes place in our private cellar, an ideal environment to introduce you to the Wines of Mallorca.
We select the varieties of local grapes for this testing, where there will be colors, aromas and flavors that come from grapes with origins par excellence in Mallorca,
focus on themes
to develop and refine your knowledge about wine. We will rediscover part of the wine history,wine culture,
and traditions of our region, likewise we will present the technique
to analyze the wines step by step. Together we will awaken unique sensations to be able to select the wines that you like to pair them on each occasion.

You must be at least 18 years old and drink in moderation to enjoy your experience.
*We love Palma Old Town and take very much care of a clean environment in our City, although if you come to us by car we offer you to park in Plaza Mayor and bring us the parking ticket.

Requirements for participants.

Up to 10 people can participate, who must be over 18 years old. Parents can attend with children under the age of two.

Commitment to safety and hygiene

 Commitment to safety and hygiene

Avinae Wine & Spirits at its Mallorca Wine Experience™ is committed to following the safety and cleanliness guidelines related to the current situation, which are based on the indications related to the coronavirus from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Diseases in Spain.

Avinae Wine & Spirits is committed to:

Maintain good hygiene

Wash your hands following the instructions in this regard

Avoid physical contact

Observe physical distancing as recommended by relevant local authorities

Limit group size

Limit group sizes to 10 people maximum to maintain necessary physical distancing

Follow cleaning guidelines

If applicable, before each experience, clean and disinfect the spaces that the participants can access

Drink less, drink better.

We appreciate the wine as a piece of art, the quantities served are enough to taste the wine.

Avinae Wine & Spirits Team

Revised: 10/December/2023

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